Welcome to Barber's Danes

We are a small hobby breeder located in Middle Tennessee.
We have been raising and placing sweet AKC Great Danes in loving homes since January, 2009.
Our danes are brought into this world with one purpose - to become great pets for loving owners. 

We are not show breeders and our prices reflect the quality PETS we raise.
We live on a small hobby farm with our danes where they have room to run and a creek to play in
during the hot days of summer. 

Our danes are raised for the living room - not the show ring and our focus is on temperament and
health - not if our puppies have the 'correct color' or spots in the right place. We find all colors
and patterns beautiful as long as a pup is happy and healthy. 

If interested in a puppy, please fill out the puppy application located on our
contacts page.  Puppy
videos available by clicking on the links provided in our
blog or on our facebook page.